My first website was good: I made it when I worked in a new economy startup the millennium bug was a problem yet to be addressed. In those days few people talked about accessibility and usability (and I was with them), and no social newtwork had been invented yet.

After ten years I changed everything.

Perhaps it is meaningful that, during it’s last three years, I’ve not been updating my website. In those years I made a lot of other things: I designed museum exhibits, created advertising campaigns, games and proposed actions of guerrilla marketing…I’ve been scouting technology and eco-friendly materials, designed layout, layouted catalogs, I’ve worked on interior design and retail design projects, designed gadgets, invented payoff, and done many other things that led me to grow.

In my old website there was no place for that. I made a new site , but I almost never updated : I was too busy doing other things … That’s why I decided to make a website with a more streamlined , integrated with my profiles on social networks

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